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March 21, 2008



Good: she said all the words correctly,and she used a variety of places.
Bad:she keept on stoppin,started laughing and it would have been better if she pointed to the places. but overall i thought it was really good. Gracey x


good: was very clear and good pace
bad: kept on stopping and laughing but the glasses were abit of putting
so well done eden xxx
luv ellen


good: clear with the words and very good pace
bad: stopping and laughing in the report but oh well the galsses were off putting
luv ellen


She spoke clearly and with a good accent, but she kept sayin yeah.


it was really good because you haven't been leaning spanish as much and you had to do it in front of the year 7's. you could impove on not laughing so much and not so many spaces between.


I thought it was good apart from the "yeah" bits! But great

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