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May 11, 2008



Yeh Andy! WE DID DIS FING!!! I can't believe We actually Did It!!! I think its just about starting to sink in now..
Well, gotta say, it was an honour being ur leader guys!! Ha how cheesy duz that sound eh?! But yeh, really am proud to have been part of it again!

and mr f, Thankyou for another year of havin to put up with you for more than 3 lessons a week (only jokin:P)
At one of the tors the lady asked me if I was havin fun and as you might guess I said 'Ha yeah rite!'. She said 'Well that's what you do it for isnt it?' but I thought there are loads of reasons we're doing it, and yeh one of them is for that smiling person watching from up there, and another one is for you! So Cheers!!:D and Tiss Mimms and Andy, and Mr H and Ali and every1 else!!!

This was really annoying! ... When we were getting close to the finish, just about to come over the top of the hill, Charli and Lizzy were the first to say 'Oh my god i can see it!!' then Dex, Kat and Curly. But I couldn't see it for atleast another minute coz I wasn't tall enough to see over the hill!

Anyway...Thanks for a good year and Well Done guys!!! Luv you all!=]

x x x


Some great pics of you guys on the jamespyne website!


Guys I can't believe how well you did - we are all so proud of you - YOU DID IT!!!!!
I hope your feet aren't too sore and you had a good rest last night, enjoy being successful Ten Tors-ers!



We did dis thing! Long time coming but worth the wait.
You guys were about half way up the finish times for J route (8th full team out of 17 starters) so not only a full team finish but a good one!
Now milk all the sympathy you get for all its worth!
You are my hero (es) (IN MY PANTS)...
See you round,



Well done guys u were so amazing this week end!
Every Tor on time and u all finished.

U all totally deserve that medal so treasure it!!

Well done again, very proud! lol

Lots of love x x x x x x


Huge congratulations to you all.

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